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Trademark Renewal

Trademark is a toll to protect your brand and also making your business authentic and reliable to face the competition efficiently. Trademark registration is usually carried for the period of 10 years thereafter needs to renew the same in order to enforce the similar rights and powers to the respective trademark owner. Trademark renewal means to get back your business mark with the similar rights and powers without making open to the outside world. For every business a trademark is a important aspect that no one wants to withdraw the same. Thus, every business house takes it crucial to have its protection while filing with trademark act 1999 in India. Under the same; before expiry of the trademark registration application; it is essential to get trademark renewal in order to protect the same after every 10 years.

Trade Mark Renewal can be in two ways:

  • One can apply renewal to change in any sign or words in the existing trade mark; or
  • One can apply renewal without any change.

Process and Renewal Forms:

  • Application of renewal shall be made in form TM-12
  • Application shall be made by either registered owner of the trade mark or his authorised agent.


Trade Mark objection can be filed as per client requirement for quickly registration of trade mark by filing reply as per the objection raised by trade mark officer & if the examiner is satisfied from this reply, then the application is ordered for the advertisement/publication in the trade mark Journals.
Firstly we have to file form TM-12 for the renewal of Trademark within six months before or after the expiry of Trademark with the prescribed fee.
We will file Trademark application for renewal within 1 day from the date of completion of document from the Client.
Renewal term of Trademark is 10 years.
For filing application of renewal of Trademark following documents are required:
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • ID & Address Proof of the Applicant.
  • Copy of TM-1
  • Yes, we can file application of Trademark after the expiry of six months of the Trademark Registration by filing TM-12 with the prescribed late renewal fee.

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