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  • LLP Incorporation
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  • LLP Incorporation
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Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. Limited Liability partnership has been introduced in India with the goal of providing the structure of a business entity that provides limited liability to its owners and at the same time requires minimal maintenance.

An LLP in India has following features:

  • Liability of Partners in LLP is limited to their capital contribution.
  • Less compliance is needed as compared to a Public Company.
  • Flexibility in business operation because partners can decide how they will individual contribute to the business operations.
  • Now, LLP can access to foreign equity funds under the automatic route. No RBI approval is required.
  • No tax is levied on a distribution of profits amongst the partners.
  • No restrictions on a maximum number of partners.


Documents required for registering an One Person Company

  1. Copy of PAN CARD of partners

  2. Passport size photographs of partners

  3. Copy of Adhaar card/Voter Id card

  4. Copies of utility bills not older than two months

  5. Copy of rent agreement (if rented property is there)

  6. Copy of property papers (If owned property).

  7. NOC from Landlord.



Step-I- Obtain DIN : Every individual intending to be appointed as designated partner of a limited liability partnership has to make an application for allotment of Director Identification Number. Now instead of DPIN, every partner who will be appointed as designated Partner will need to apply for DIN and not DPIN.


Step-II- obtain DSC : Designated partner of LLP/proposed LLP, whose signatures are to be affixed on the e-forms has to obtain class 2 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from any authorized certifying agency.


Step-III- search for name availability : Selection of business name is crucial for the image of your venture. You select a name which reflects the business you plan. Ensure selected name satisfy LLP Name Guidelines of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Step-IV- filling of form llp-1 (name approval)- Section-16 : After Search of Name approval, if name is available according to your search. Then Following Information are required to be filed in form LLP-1:-

  • DIN of Designated Partner.
  • Email Id
  • Occupation
  • State of Register office of Company
  • Objects of LLP
  • Partners Contribution into LLP
  • Name of LLP
  • Significant of Name
  • If Proposed Name is Based on Trade Mark (NOC from the Owner of TM)
  • DSC of Designated Partner


Step-V- Drafting of LLP agreement Section- 23(3) : Section 23(3) of the LLP Act provides that an agreement in writing made before the incorporation of a LLP between the persons who have subscribed their names to the incorporation document.
The LLP Agreement must be Stamped in accordance with the stamp Act applicable in the relevant state where LLP is being incorporated.
Its include information as given below:
Effective Date of LLP Agreement, Registered Office of LLP, Business of LLP, Contribution of Partners, Profit Sharing Ratio, Provisions for Admission, Resignation, Retirement and cessation of partners, Removal of Partners, Rights of Partners, Duties of Partners, Duties & Responsibilities of Designated Partner, Meetings, Liability of LLP, Winding up & Dissolution, Accounting Year, Audit, Jurisdiction, Validity of this Agreement etc.


Step-VI Filing of (Form 2) for Incorporation and Subscription Document : After receiving of Name approval Letter from ROC within 90 days there is need to prepare and get sign all the documents required to be attached in Form-2 and file Form-2 with ROC.

  • Proof of address of registered office of LLP
  • Subscribers’ sheet including consent
  • Detail of LLP(s) and/ or company(s) in which partner/ designated partner is a director/ partner (if applicable).


Step-VII- Filling of LLP agreement (form- 3) : It is not mandatory to file LLP agreement at the time of registration and same can be file in form LLP-3 within 30 days of Incorporation of LLP.
The LLP agreement has to be uploaded. Once it gets approved all the formalities for registration gets completed. The LLP can start It’s business now onwards




Easy to Form

It is very easy to form LLP, as the process is very simple as compared to Companies and does not involve much formality. Compared to other forms of starting business, LLP has been found as the easiest form of incorporating a company and requires fewer hassles.

Body Corporate

Just like a Company, LLP is also a body corporate, which means it has its own existence as compared to a partnership. LLP and its Partners are a distinct entity in the eyes of the law. An LLP is known by its own name and not by the name of its partners.

Limited Liability

An LLP exists as a separate legal entity from its partners. Liability for repayment of debts and lawsuits incurred by the LLP lies on it and not on Partners. Forming an LLP is a good way to protect your personal assets from your company’s liabilities.

Easy Transferable Ownership

It is easy to become a Partner or leave an LLP or otherwise it is easier to transfer the ownership in accordance with the terms of the LLP Agreement. It is relatively easy to transfer the ownership of an LLP to another person as compared to other business forms.

No Audit Requirement

Under LLP, only in case of business, where the annual turnover/contribution exceeds Rs 40 Lacs /Rs 25 Lacs are required to get their account audited annually by a chartered accountant. This provides great relief to small businessmen.

Minimal Compliance

Compared to a Private Limited Company, A Limited Liability Partnership tends to have less compliance to follow.


Any two persons who consent to become partners can incorporate an LLP
The Unique Number is required to allot to an Individual which remains valid for whole life of the individual and is required to become Partner of any LLP.
Firstly we just need to find a unique name as prefix and promoters need to provide a name of the proposed LLP along with the significance of the word. Secondly, the name needs to include a word about the LLP business activity. Finally, before selecting Names it will be advisable to check on Google, MCA Portal, MCA Guidelines and Trade Mark site the availability of Name.
After filing incorporation details, and if the details are found to be correct then ROC issue certificate of Incorporation.
An LLP agreement is filed in Form 3
Yes, LLP is a body corporate.
Following are the documents required for LLP incorporation for each partner
  • Self attested PAN card copy.
  • Four Photographs.
  • Self attested copy of any one of the Identity Proof like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID &Aadhar Card
  • Self attested copy of any one of the Address Proof like Bank Pass Book/Bank Statement, Telephone Landline Bill, Mobile Bill & Electricity Bill.
  • LLP Address proof Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill & Gas Bill AND Rent Agreement (If Rented ) AND NOC for doing Business & for taking Registration.
  • LLP agreement.
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as the name suggests it is a digital signature of an individual and it is required for filling the e-forms of company incorporation electronically to Ministry of Corporate Affairs
No minimum capital is required for incorporation of LLP.
No, partners are not required to present personally because documents can be filed online at any place.
To incorporate an LLP we required approximately 22 working days. The time taken for incorporation will depend on submission of relevant documents by the client and speed of Government Approvals. To ensure a speedy process of incorporation, please choose a unique name for your LLP and ensure you have all the required documents are provided before starting the incorporation process.
The cost of registration is almost the same for both.
An LLP can own and enjoy property in its own name, partners are not owners of the company's property.
Certificate of Incorporation is a certificate issued by the registrar of companies after due verification of the documents submitted by the proposed partners of an LLP. It is the conclusive evidence of incorporation of an LLP.
Yes, a salaried person can become partner in an LLP.
Yes, an NRI/Foreigner can become a partner of an LLP.
In case of Partnership firm, maximum 20 partners are permitted but for LLP there is no maximum number of partners.
No, an LLP can't be incorporated for Non-profit activities.
An LLP is required to file annual return and Statement of Accounts and Solvency as a part of annual compliance.
Yes, an existing partnership firm or a company that is unlisted can be converted into LLP. There are many advantages of converting a partnership firm into a LLP; however, the same doesn't apply for the conversion of a Company to a LLP.

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