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Change of Object of the Company

If the Company is willing to change its business activity the Company can alter its main objects by passing Special Resolution at General Meeting and subject to compliance with Companies Act, 2013 and approval of ROCs. The company must change its name also to bring it in conformity with main objects if there is change in business activities.


Information required

  • Details of new activity of the Company for incorporate in MOA.

Documents Required

  • Board resolution for change object clause of MOA of the Company.
  • Board resolution for notice of EGM of the Company.
  • Notice of EGM with explanatory statement.
  • Special resolution for alter object clause of MOA.
  • Altered MOA of the Company.

Process Involved

Step 1

Hold Board Meeting

Pass resolution for change in object clause subject to approval of shareholders.

Step 2


Hold general meeting and take approval of shareholders and file the specified form within the prescribed time limit.

Step 3

Preparation of MOA

Preparation of Memorandum of Association of the Company.

Step 4

ROC Filing

File form MGT 14 within 30 days of passing resolution.


Object clause is the clause in the MOA of the Company which defines the main business activity of the company. It defines the main objects that the company is going to pursue after incorporation. The object clause also enlists the objects that are necessary/incidental for furtherance of the main objects i.e the objects which help in conduct of the Main Objects of the Company or are necessary for the conduct of the main objects.
Note that earlier under the Companies Act’ 1956 there used to be an Other Object Clause also which defined all other objects that the company could undertake other than the Main and Ancillary objects. This other object clause has now been done away with under the Companies Act’2013.
Following are the attachments of Form MGT-14:
  • Notice of EGM.
  • Certified True copy of Special Resolution along with explanatory statement.
  • Altered Memorandum of Association.
  • Certified True Copy of Board Resolution.

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