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6000 /-(Exclusive of Govt Fees)

  • Change in the Name of the Company


7500 /-(Exclusive of Govt fees)

  • Change in the Name of the Company
  • +
  • Change in Main Objects of the company


10,000 Rs (Exclusive of Govt Fees)

  • Change in the Name of the Company
  • +
  • Change in the capital of the company

Change In Name Of The Entity

An entity is an artificial person which gets its separate and legal identity through its name. The name of the entity reflects its independent corporate existence. Sooner or later the time comes when a corporate identity is no longer up to scratch. There could be circumstances wherein specific entity information needs to be updated with ROC. One such requirement is change in the name of the entity in India. Name of the entity can be changed by fullowing the procedures laid down in Companies Act, 2013.

Total time consumed to complete the procedure of conversion-

1. Preparing and Filing of Form INC-1 with Registrar and approval of the same within 2-3working days.

2. Preparing and Filing of Form MGT-14 with Registrar and approval of the same within 1 working days.

3. Preparing and filing of Form INC-24 with Registrar and approval of the same within 3-4 working days.

4. Fresh Certificate of Incorporation shall be issued when Firm INC-24 is approved by Registrar.


Documents required for change in Name of Company.

Following information and documents are required for change name of the Company:

  • Board Resolution for change Name clause of MOA of the Company
  • Board Resolution for Notice of EGM of the Company.
  • Notice of EGM with explanatory Statement.
  • Special Resolution for alter name clause of MOA.
  • Altered MOA & AOA.
  • Minutes of the members meeting (EGM).
  • If change of name is due to change in main activity of the company, a certificate from chartered accountant regarding turnover details from new activity should be enclosed.

Process Involved

Step 1

Hold Board Meeting

Pass Board resolution for name change subject to approval of the shareholders and appropriate authorities.

Step 2

Filing of application

Filing of application for reservation of new name.

Step 3

Conduct an EGM/ AGM

Call general meeting and take approval of shareholders and file the specified form within the time frame.

Step 4

Obtain CG Approval

File application to Central Government in the respective form for approval in name change.

Step 5

Fresh COI

Once approval is received from Central Government, company will be issued a fresh Certificate of incorporation.


The Executive Committee selects the names to present to the Board of Directors. The Board unanimously approves the final name.
When the name gets approved ,ROC would issue a Fresh Certificate of Incorporation consequent upon name change. The date on that would be date of change of name. Once you recieve this certificate you can change it all the statuory authorities with whom you have registered, PAN TAN Service tax,VAT etc. Company name plate, Letter head, common seal, Company Board outside the office etc.
 Trading name is a name used by an entity or person to trade commercial products or services . A trading name is not a registered business name. A business may also use its registered, legal name for contracts and other formal purposes.

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